Wednesday, August 17, 2011


A special quick post to say - hope you and your children have a great start to the new school year!  As we are all so busy, I especially appreciate you continuing to follow this blog, even as it is often less frequent and regular than I would like.  Hopefully late this fall, I'll have a breather and can set a better habit.  Please continue to "tune in".

A few new resources:

check out Wonderpolois, the National Center for Family Literacy's great new conversation starter for parents and kids alike.  Each day a new short, fun video is posted with something new and interesting to learn.

next, visit your local United Way to find opportunities for you and your child to get involved in volunteering for literacy.  Maybe a book drive, maybe tutoring, maybe replenishing a school library, there's always a lot to do and your children learn the important lesson of sharing through one of the most trusted names in nonprofits today.  Also check out your chance to brag on a favorite teacher.

Finally, give that teacher a powerful link to a new community just created for them:  The Community at  They can create a profile, join groups (including mine under subjects, language arts K-12), view resources and videos, download lesson plans, read articles from education experts and more.    Thanks for sharing.

I'll be back soon with more resources just for PARENTS AND KIDS READING TOGETHER.


Duane Bolin said...

Thanks for pointing readers toward Wonderopolis, Cathy!

TIME Magazine just named Wonderopolis® one of its 50 Best Websites of 2011. Divided into 10 categories, the list includes Wonderopolis as one of five websites in the Family & Kids category.

TIME touted the daily Wonders of the Day® as fun learning for children and adults alike. “The daily articles at the National Center for Family Literacy’s Wonderopolis are allegedly educational and supposedly aimed at kids. Don’t let that fool you. They’re just plain interesting, and make for addictive reading even for those of us who are, in theory, all grown up,” the review states.

We are honored to be included on this list and thrilled to share that honor with sites owned by such respected organizations as Google, ESPN, Yale and HBO.

We hope your readers check out, as well as our Facebook page and Twitter feeds. Thanks for helping to support parents and children in a lifelong love of learning!


Cathy Puett Miller said...

You are welcome, Duane! I hope you'll come back and visit. Through my work at United Way of Madison County, I applied for one of your mini-grants for them - to aid an early childhood program starting up in october. Here's hoping!