Sunday, October 25, 2009

Supporting Families In the Search for Just Right Books and more

This Thursday, October 29, join Cathy Puett Miller and her co-host Audrey Borden of My Gifted Girl, Inc. in a special collaborative FREE Webinar. We'll be discussing choosing the best books for your child (gifted or not)and promoting a love of reading. How important is that!

You can sign up for this FREE event at Audrey's FACEBOOK page. We have limited slots so we hope you'll join early. After the event, we'll be posting more resources on this page.

We can start an incredible wave of influence if you'll share a link to this blog or to Audrey's Facebook signup page with families (and educators) you know.

Don't forget to look for Cathy's new books out in November. These focus on the 3-6 year old and represent a unique collaborative opportunity to promote three big ideas (great conversations/oral language development, reading aloud with children, and playing with the sounds and patterns in our language) with both educators and families. You can preview and pre-order them at Maupin's website.

We are starting a revolution -- outside the ideas of those who know reading is important. This provides an opportunity for any family in America (or the world) to promote literacy learning with their child! Be a part of it!

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